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Washington, DC—The National Black Worker Center Project (NBWCP), a national network of worker centers dedicated to addressing the multi-dimensional Black work experience, released a statement, today, following President Donald Trump’s “skinny” budget that slashes programs for poor Americans and working families. NBWCP Executive Director Tanya Wallace-Gobern expressed particular concern about the impact on job trainings/employment/unemployment, redirected education funds, low-wage workers’ access to food and energy assistance programs, and efforts to strengthen workers’ rights.

“Trump once asked the Black community, ‘What do you have to lose?’ The answer is now clear: jobs, training, financial services, housing, and food among other things.”

“This president showed us how much he values America’s working families when he released his budget, yesterday, slashing federal funding for programs designed to lift people out of poverty and support families, and secure a better future for our children.

“Workers who have tasted a slice of that sweet American pie should hold tight to their piece because the rest of it is being gobbled up by the wealthiest 1 percent and Trump’s anti-family, anti-worker budget.

“Trump’s budget makes it harder for workers to get the training they need to advance in growing industries and to compete globally. Programs to train future teachers and health professionals will be eliminated. Low-wage workers will be blocked from access to assistance programs that help keep the lights on and provide children with healthy meals. This budget destroys public schools and makes it harder for young people to go to college. Meanwhile it creates space for super-rich people and big money corporations to get away with not paying taxes.

“Too many workers, especially Black workers already at the bottom of our nation’s economic scale, have too suffered through job elimination and outsourcing. They’ve been herded into low-paying and exploitive jobs. Each passing day comes with more economic, physical and psychological insecurity like fearing the fearing racially motivated and brutal police encounters on commutes to and from work. Trumps budget does nothing to help ease that.

“What Trump’s budget does do is fail to protect hardworking individuals and families trying to live one day at a time. It also fails our children, the people who voted for him and the future of this nation.”

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The National Black Worker Center Project (NBWCP) launched in 2011 to address the job crisis for Black workers. Its mission is 1) to support and incubate Black worker centers that empower Black workers to advance their rights and improve the quality of jobs in key employment centers; 2) to prevent racial discrimination in hiring and other employment practices and policies; and 3) to provide education about the impacts of low-wage work and unemployment on Black communities.