RFP to launch the Northern California Black Worker Center Hub

About the Organization
Founded in 2011, the National Black Worker Center (NBWC) is a national organization uniting Black workers (employed, underemployed, and unemployed) around the country to mobilize and provide resources needed to dismantle systems of oppression and build systems of equity and resiliency. NBWC is the go-to source for insight into the discrimination that Black workers face and the solutions sought to end anti-Blackness in the workplace. We are a growing team with leadership having decades of experience developing community leaders, advancing workplace and policy campaigns, and combating racial inequities. NBWC has supported and anchored the work of the Bay Area Black Worker Center since January 2021 and seeks to expand its presence and impact with a Northern California Regional Hub and the incubation of new local Black worker centers.

About the RFP
You are invited to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to lead an 18-month planning process to incubate and ground a Black Worker Organizing Hub (the Hub) in Northern California. The Hub will encompass the following counties and populations of Black workers: Solano (14.8%), Stockton (11.2), Alameda (11%), Contra Costa (9.5%), and San Francisco (5.6%). This Hub will serve as the connective tissue for Northern California Black worker centers providing strategic alliance-building, support, and training necessary to develop strong, sustainable centers.

RFP Outcomes
• To lead an 18-month planning process that centers the perspectives, experiences, and voices of Black working people in Northern California and that engages our key partners;
• To develop the governance model, best practices, financial stewardship, project evaluation, and record-keeping systems for the Northern California Regional Hub;
• To develop a plan for a robust membership base of Black workers throughout Northern California that engage in organizing and to increase labor standards, as well as to change anti-discrimination law;
• To develop a strategic and comprehensive growth plan for the Northern California Workers’ Rights Hub; and
• To produce a fund development and sustainability plan for the regional hub that includes guidelines for developing strategies that mitigate competition for funds and fosters collaboration; best practices for the type of funds sought out and or accepted by the hub and local centers; and fiscal responsibility of all parties.

Steps of Planning Process:

Concept – Verbalized community interest and commitment from local stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment and collect data to analyze problems and conditions.

Project – Identified organizational leadership and operating body committed to establishing a Black worker center.

Planning – The incubation of a new local Black worker center will follow an 18-month training and mentoring program that includes the following:
a. Organizational History and Labor History
b. Political Education
c. Movement Ecology
d. Assessment and Evaluations
e. Recruiting
f. Local Mapping
g. Power Analysis
h. Scale/Building Power
i. Relational Culture
j. Mass Training and Absorption
k. Developing Movement Strategies
l. Worker Center Fiduciary practices and responsibilities

Center – Following the successful completion of the incubation process, new local centers will commit to developing an action plan to be adopted by the community coalition. The action plan will be based on research and or other evidence that the proposed strategies have a high probability of effectiveness in addressing identified Black worker issues. Collected data will verify that targeted segments of the community were vigorously engaged in the data gathering, research and planning process.

Sustainability – Create an organizational model that is sustainable financially and programmatically with multiple sources of revenue.

RFP Contents must include:

  • Statement of Interest (no longer than half a page) that outlines your interest in taking on this project and in working with NBWC;
  • Summary of Qualifications (no longer than half a page) that outlines your qualifications to fulfill the needs of the RFP;
  • Preliminary Scope of Work (no longer than one page) that outlines how you plan to engage in the work, given what is outlined above; and
  • Schedule of Activities (in a table format) that includes how you would phase out the planning process.

RFP Deadline: Friday, July 8th at 12 PM (EST).
RFP Instructions: Please submit your RFP via email to tdavis@nbwc.org.

For More Information: If you would like to schedule a 30-minute informational session to learn more about the project and NBWC before submitting an FRP, please contact Taylor Davis at tdavis@nbwc.org.