Thank you for considering making a submission to our Working While Black story archive! Here are some questions that can help you think through your story.

  1. Is there a time that you felt you could not get a job because you were Black, or had more difficulty in the hiring process?
  2. What was a time when you first noticed that you were Black in your workplace?
  3. What was a time when you felt uncomfortable in your workplace due to racial tension?
  4. Do you remember in particular any racial slurs that were either directed to you or made in conversation by others at work?
  5. Can you describe a time when other co-workers asked you to explain something about Black people?
  6. Does the language of your coworkers or boss/s change at all when they are around you?
  7. Do you feel restricted in showing your true-self in the work place? I.e. monitoring the way you speak by not using slang, not wearing your hair a certain way?
  8. Can you describe a time when your credibility or ability to perform a certain task was questioned?
  9. Can you give examples of time you feel you have to defend yourself because of your race?
  10. Did your parent experience racial discrimination at work?
  11. How did the racial discrimination your parents faced at work, shape your work experience?
  12. Do you know any family members who have been discriminated against at their job?