Isaiah Withers (He, Him)

As a Community Organizer for NBWC, Isaiah leads the Black Labor Day and Black Voices Black Votes projects. A recent New Leaders Council Fellow, Isaiah is expanding on his goals to find new and creative ways to help liberate and empower the Black community. Growing up in Reidsville, NC, where white supremacy maintains an active presence, he joined and eventually became president of the local youth chapter of the North Carolina NAACP.  Before joining NBWC, Isaiah co-founded Unknown Society, a broadly inclusive group dedicated to collective liberation that included young people from Winston-Salem State, North Carolina Central, North Carolina A&T, and surrounding communities. Group members worked together with other local organizations on civic engagement and community programs.  In addition to his Black worker organizing, Isaiah is a hiking enthusiast with aspirations to travel the full 2,200 miles of the Appalachian trail.  When not hiking you will find him leading health conversations and teaching self-defense and fitness classes. Outside of work, Isaiah also takes up the hobby of playing music from saxophone from time to time.