LaQuenta Martin

LaQuenta Martin joins the National Black Workers Center with joy as a California native and a natural born creative communicator. Every day, she seeks to live with purpose and start powerful conversations. LaQuenta loves coffee and brings a mocha latte blend of experience with over 16 years as a Marketing Expansion Strategist and Corporate Consultant. In her career, she progressed into high-level management positions with expertise as a certified emotional intelligence practitioner and leadership facilitator. After obtaining her Master’s in Business Administration, LaQuenta worked to build the brand for government agencies, school districts, learning centers and organizations based in Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Sacramento and Las Vegas.

Coming from a family of committed community changers, activists, advocates, and educators – LaQuenta was raised to address social issues & take action with compassion. When she’s not in #workmode, LaQuenta can be found rejuvenating with self-care hobbies: swimming in Cancun, serving or stepping with her Sorors, doing a Zumba workout, eating Nigerian or Caribbean food, chillin’ at a Korean Spa or traveling with her sons. Ms. Martin’s mission is to continue publishing books as an author. She is the podcast host and visionary of The P3 Life which offers coaching for professionals and working parents.