LaRonda Schenck Scott (She, Her)

On a daily basis LaRonda embodies her motto, “Give more than I take away from this world”.  She is known for her ability to bring light and inspiration everywhere she dwells and empowers people to be their best possible selves. With almost 20 years of nonprofit experience advancing the missions of local, regional, and national nonprofits, LaRonda’s skills extend well beyond providing high-level administrative support. Her talent of increasing mission visibility, achieving revenue development goals, and cultivating high-performing staff and volunteers continuously takes NBWC to the next level. LaRonda is a proud UNC Charlotte alum (49ers!!) who has dedicated her career to serving others. Fun Fact: LaRonda has a song for everything! Her family says it’s a strange talent. However, a word in a sentence, a random noise, or an experience can elicit some of the most random tunes. She credits music as having the ability to calm her spirit.