Tanya Wallace Gobern (She, Her)

Tanya was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Science degree. She moved to the deep south in 1991 to launch an organizing career empowering women and people of color.  Those early days taught her an important lesson that is still true today: “We don’t rise by the goodwill of others – we rise when we stand up!” 

As Executive Director of National Black Worker Center, she lives out her lifelong passion of serving a movement of Black people who have long been ready to be the leaders of their own liberation. 

NBWC provides fertile ground for strong, leaderful Black activism that destroys the systems that keep all workers in chains and is building a national worker movement that is strengthened and emboldened by every Black worker leader that enters the struggle for fair working conditions.  To balance the relentless push and pull of racial justice work, Tanya rekindles her mojo with creative endeavors that connect cultures in the kitchen. She is currently working to perfect her Firfir (stewed injera with meat, tomatoes, and onions) and is trying to convince her feet that she likes to run. Like most Black Girls from the South Side of Chicago, Tanya has a smart mouth, loves steppin and house music, and puts hot sauce on everything.