Taylor Davis (She/Her, They/Them)

Taylor Davis is an Organizing Apprentice based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is committed to and inspired by the fight for Black liberation. Taylor understands that this fight must be one fought with an intersectional lens that includes Black immigrants, Black LGBT+ folks, Black women, and all other Black folks whose narratives and lived experiences must be moved from the margin to the center. As a recent graduate from Georgetown University studying public health and disability studies, she participated in community building on campus by facilitating affinity spaces for Black undergrads as well as doing work within the greater DC community for various racial justice and harm reduction organizations. She is deeply invested in ensuring that the Black community has the capability to move beyond surviving and toward thriving in a holistic way and believes that ending the racism, discrimination, and the stresses we experience at work are a key aspect of achieving that new reality. In her free time, you can find Taylor working in her garden, picking up new crafts, or laughing on FaceTime with her family and friends.