The Black community faces a two-dimensional job crisis of unemployment and low-wage work.



This crisis can only be solved by Black workers organizing for power and using their power to change the world

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Current the work of the National Black Worker Center Project consists of: the Working While Black initiative ... Learn more
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Los Angeles—To close Women’s History Month, the Los Angeles Black Worker Center released a pilot project report, “Black Space...

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Andrene joined the Los Angeles Black Worker Center (LA BWC) while enrolled at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Carpenter certif...
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Posted on October 7, 2016

Update Executive Order 11246

Sign this Petition to Update Executive Order 11246!! The Black community faces a job crisis of too much unemployment and too many l...
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From LA Practice to National Model for Sister Empowerment

The goal of the Black Space for Women project pilot project is to bring together women workers and organizers for a healing space t...

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