Black Labor
Black Labor Day is a NBWC annual event that recognizes those Black laborers in our country who have not only built its foundation, but continue to be the stronghold of the American economy. This Black Labor Day, Black workers are telling their employers and elected officials to #ShowMeTheMoney!
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For Us, By US! Creating Authentic spaces

NBWC is a Black worker power building and worker rights advocacy organization. We lead with militant joyfulness. We openly reject white supremacist culture as we advocate for equity and inclusion in the workplace for all Black workers. Please join our fight for equality by volunteering with us.
child and mother with mask on
foodserver with mask
black lading tagging packages
healthcare worker closeup

Here comes trouble... that good kind

Are you ready to get into some good trouble… some necessary trouble… in the name of ending discrimination in the workplace for Black workers? After all, nobody will give us freedom, We MUST break our own chains. Will you join us and fuel the movement for justice?