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NBWC Resources

Despite microaggressions, Black workers are here and ready to lead. We possess the knowledge, vision, and experiences that are invaluable to the workplace.
Systemic racism in the workplace has plagued our communities for centuries, inhibiting us from caring for our families, strengthening our communities, and building wealth. Nothing changes unless we collectively advocate to change it. We have a plan to end discrimination in the workplace for Black workers. Our research, resources, and implementation guides will empower Black workers to work collectively and dismantle the systems that negatively impact our community.

working while black Handbook

The challenges of dealing with difficult coworkers, customers, or the boss are hard enough. Layer being Black on top of it and well you may need some support. The frustrating truth is 50% of Black workers will encounter racism on the job, and when that happens, we are frequently forced to choose between speaking up or suffering in silence. The Working While Black handbook has tips, tools and laws to help guide workers through the hazards every Black worker should be aware of.

Fact Sheets

Even as Black people climb the corporate ladder, we still make less than our equally qualified white counterparts. We are the only racial/ethnic group that does not achieve pay parity with others at some level.

Black Women Wage Gap Part 1

Black Women Wage Gap Part 2

College Prep

Employee Savings Gap


Level Up

Placing Black workers at the center of an economic recovery that works for everyone

Black space for Women Project Report

Bringing together women workers and organizers for a healing space that supports the existing cadre of women leaders and develops new women leaders.