From the start of his candidacy, and throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has waged a war of words on Women, Black and Brown people. That war continued this weekend with his incredibly disturbing and racist tweets, The NBWCP strongly condemns his hateful, divisive, racially charged rhetoric, and we are committed to continuing our fight against oppression and inequity. Now more than ever, we are reminded of the necessity and significance of our civic engagement, especially during the upcoming election season.


Trump’s Dog whistle politics are direct attacks on people of color. We call on those who believe that diversity is an American strength to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have been directly and indirectly impacted by the President’s words, and the social and political climate that has been created as a consequence of those words.


Regretfully, an additional deeply troubling announcement came this week, with yesterday’s announcement that the NYPD Officer who choked unarmed Black man Eric Garner to death would not face federal charges. The NBWCP is shocked, saddened, and angered to know that yet another black life has been deemed as dispensable by the criminal justice system. We are rallying with, and around, every individual raising their voices in protest around the country to speak truth to power, and cry out against these injustices.


Despite the President and other public officials making statements and decisions that seem regressive to the strides that we have made in civil rights, we would like to affirm to all marginalized groups- including the Black workers who toiled thankless for centuries to build this country- that you are valued, and your voices and lives matter.


We will continue to fight for the powerless, and with you, until we usher in an era where there is truly liberty and justice for all.


In Solidarity,

The National Black Worker Center Project