What is Working While Black?

An important pathway to systemic progressive change connects efforts to change dominant narratives with vibrant policy and workplace justice campaigns and the building of powerful member-driven organizations. The National Black Worker Center Project’s (NBWCP) signature national campaign will be its Working While Black initiative.  This initiative will change the narrative about the causes of the Black job crisis and the solutions to this crisis by projecting a nuanced view of the nature of Black worker lives: the challenges they face and how to address these challenges through individual efforts and collective action.  These stories will emerge from Black workers and the campaigns of local Black worker centers; simultaneously, these stories will enhance the capacity of affiliates to win local fights.

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Elijah Joy, ONEDC

“Usually I’m the only black person in the room, especially in the front of the house in the restaurant. It’s just me and by blackness, standing up for myself.”

Christine Gardner, ONEDC

“$11.50 is not money, so I have to juggle just to make ends meet…that’s just what my life has been.”