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Our nation is embroiled in debates about race, poverty and how we move forward to address inequity. Yet too few conversations are addressing one of the biggest factors of inequity – jobs, racism, unemployment, and low-wage work are multipliers of inequity. These devastating roadblocks are experienced by families already struggling – deepening the cycle of poverty causing food insecurity, mental and physical health related issues, and other challenges associated with unemployment and low-wage work. 

At NBWC we believe that Black people who experience racism in the workplace can create safe spaces where they are free from racist attacks by institutionalizing and expanding legal protections, anti-racist policies, regulations for Black employees, and by building collective action and power through organizing.  For centuries organizing has been the vehicle used to bring about change.  

Our work exists to build collective power amongst Black workers to achieve liberation by dismantling systemic racism and economic exploitation. We envision a world where Black workers proudly live free, controlling the full value of our labor and the full expression of our culture. If you share this belief we invite you to become engaged in our various campaigns and get connected with a local center near you.  

local black worker centers

Black Worker Centers are developing a new movement around jobs with a focus on Black workers, that is deeply rooted in the Black community, and guided by a progressive vision of racial and economic justice for the labor market. This movement is building the power of Black workers to intervene in the labor market to limit racialized outcomes and improve economic effects.

In addition to the National Black Worker Center there are currently 11 Local Black Worker Centers across the country.

If there is not currently a Black worker center in your community and you are interested in starting one please get connected with our BWC Incubation department.


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