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The Black worker bill of rights

We must build a new anti-racist economy that works for everyone. To do so, Black workers demand that the following 10 rights be meaningfully reflected in the law and enforced.

All Black workers have the following rights in the job market and workplace:


The Right to Organize


The Right to Resources and Information to Address Barriers to Quality Employment


The Right to Assert and Have Your Rights Enforced


the right to equitable wages, equal pay, and compensation that is owed


the right to career advancement opportunities


the right to workplaces free from discrimination, harassment and other harm


the right to health, healing, and rest


The Right to Privacy and Freedom From Surveillance, Monitoring, Automated Management, and Control


the right to dignity in seeking, securing, maintaining, and retiring from employment


the right to participate in democracy

It's Time...

On May 2, 2022, in observance of May Day, the Black Worker Policy Coalition brought together workers, artists, activists, advocates, and concerned citizens to participate in a virtual rally, our official launch of the campaign to win a Black Worker Bill of Rights.

Fighting the Good

Check out some of the speakers from the launch event who are fighting the good fight and supporting our campaign to win a Black Worker Bill of Rights!!!

John Taylor

NBWC Board Member and National Field Director of the Property Services Division at SEIU
John Taylor recently served up a riveting address during the May Day launch of our Black Worker Bill of Rights campaign.

Rev. Shanan E. Jones

President of Concerned Black Clergy of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. and Senior Pastor at The Gathering Baptist Church

Rev. Shanan E. Jones addressed the Black clergy and their role in the labor movement. He also reminded us of the 4 Movements of the Freedom Symphony that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to. First movement: Black folks had to get out of slavery. Second movement: We had to overcome Jim Crow. Third movement: Secure the Right to Vote. Fourth movement: Economic justice and jobs.

Sandra Williams

Member of the Black Worker Policy Coalition, Deputy Political Director at RWDSU Southeast and Board Member at the Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council

Sandra Williams greeted our rally attendees, introduced some of our partner organizations who are supporting this work, and spoke to the importance of the Black Worker Bill of Rights.


Renowned author on unions and labor movement, syndicated columnist, regular media commentator, and supporter of the National Black Worker Center.

Bill Fletcher Jr. spoke to the importance of the National Black Worker Center as an instrument of collective struggle and the Black Worker Bill of Rights as a means to which we advance that struggle and a means through which we are agitating, educating, and organizing.