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we ready

A good job is the surest path to economic security. It has always been at the heart of our nation’s political and social framework. However, Black workers face what amounts to occupational segregation; siloed into labor markets where they end up in lower paid jobs than whites and are less likely than white workers to get hired into stable, well-paying jobs.

Higher unemployment rates, fewer job opportunities, lower pay, subpar benefits, and greater job instability… “Bump that!”

We Ready is the rallying cry that affirms Black people’s legacy of resiliency and leadership!

We Ready is a call to action, inspiring a movement that fights for equal pay, for equal work, and equal opportunity to quality/good jobs!

We Ready is leading the emancipation of Black workers from wage and employment disparities!

We Ready is replacing the negative narrative that says Black people have no agency over their lot in life!

In it to win it? Feel like you too are READY? Get started by taking the WeReady pledge today!


A: Ella Baker, who has often been called the mother of the civil rights movement, once said, “Give light and people will find the way.” This quote represents that knowing if people can see the truth, the problems, the issues, and the possibilities, they will make intelligent, informed decisions that will change things for the better. Look around you in your community and workplace. Are there things that need to be changed? If you can see the problem(s), You Are Ready.
A: The We Ready movement is about growing a base of thousands of Black people who are ready for change, who look at racism and descrimination and say enough is enough. We Ready is building and training a new majority who will turn the tide in unifying oppressed populations to influence change. We Ready is a movement to build power for Black workers. We will provide training, support, and the tools needed to magnify our voices and connect us one to another until we build the power needed to end the systems that keep all workers in chains.
There are many ways to engage – start at the level where you are most comfortable. Sign the We Ready petition; become a member of the National Black Worker Center (NBWC); join others in your state who are being trained and helping others grow into their power as leaders; or launch a campaign in your workplace to make changes to improve working conditions – bringing dignity and respect to workers. Check out the Act Now! Tab for more information.
A: While We Ready is centered on the organizing and mobilizing of Black workers, all people are called to be allies. Start by learning about the history of systemic racism and its impact on our society then become an ally. Start where you are and have the humility to learn how to do better one step at a time. Do the research. Make time to listen and learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or shy from challenging conversations. Be bold enough to speak up.
There are many ways businesses can support the WeReady movement.
  1. Ensure that equal wages for equal work is paid to all employees.
  2. Ensure that Black workers are represented in all levels of the organization, including  leadership roles.
  3. Create an environment where everyone is safe to bring their whole selves to work
  4. Take an unbiased look at the organization’s culture, and address issues of racial prejudice.
  5. Do not interfere with a worker’s right to organize unions.
  6. Donate to the National Black Worker Center either financially or sharing training resources.
  7. Contact us at to discuss other ways to partner.